Wednesday, June 24, 2009

SIN - On the Run With No One Following...

As far as I'm concerned, SIN don't get nearly the respect they deserve. Among all the terrible Hollywood bands who couldn't play, SIN were our version of Angel. I hear you screaming "What about White Sister?", to which I reply...they were Giuffria, not Angel. Big Difference. Anyways, SIN released one single in 1983, this beautiful shaped picture disc which should be worth a ton considering the 80's rock crap which passes for "rare" on Ebay these days. But sadly no one cares. Even though SIN had Rik Fox of Steeler fame and looked cool as hell, no one cared then either. It doesn't matter, as one day this record will have its due. After SIN burned out I'm pretty sure they morphed into the horribly-named Jag Wire. And guess what? No one cared.

"On the Run"
"Captured in Time"


  1. greet.. bro i have this demo i think.. well but i dont have the frank starr demo? do u have that demo?? i have 230 seconds in very poor quality of the on the run of frank starr vercion.. do u have that?? this band rox thanks for post this =)!

  2. Nice sentiments here...I have 'all' the recordings of SIN w/ Frank Starr (that I'm aware of), at least the 'Legal' ones. And many of the live shows too. I need to find a way to transfer it all (mostly cassettes and two reel-to-reels), to a digital format to preserve them. Problem is, once I find a manner to digitize it all, and once I choose to release it, it gets bootlegged immediately, and then I don't make dime one. So, what’s the sense?-- Rik Fox/ SIN Founder/bassist/Author of 'On the Run'

  3. Yeah Rik, its always about you making a dime, isn't it? What about all your talk about your "fans"? Why don't you do something unselfish for once? Because it seems like you spend a lot of time being dramatic and stirring up shit on the net, and it's NEVER your fault!

  4. Very great page here...why did you stop...???Have you another great page like this one...please let me knoe i´m 80´s and 90´s crazy!!!!

  5. Mail ordered this from Dave Richards @ Azra back when - great stuff!

    The Jag Wire album (w/ Joey Cristofanelli, ex-Ratt, in place of Mr. Fox) is awesome, too. Howard Drossin (check out his movie soundtrack / video game music resume on Wiki! DAMN!) was a smoking guitar player, who morphed from Yngwie-esque with Sin to Black Crowes-y bluesiness with Flies On Fire (remember their Atco album?). Also, Vince Gilbert went on to play with The Cult and London/D'Priest (on 'Playa Del Rock').

    BUT, whatever happened to Art Deresh? Sounds like the next best thing to Marc Stroace (Krokus, Tea, Eazy Money).

  6. P.S.: Carl James (dr) = Carl Elizondo from The Greg Leon Invasion, among others.