Monday, May 25, 2009

Shire - Hobbit Rockin' Produced by Don Dokken - 1984

Okay, so there really is no "Hobbit Rock" here so to speak, but what the fuck did they expect me to put for a title? They're the band from LA that called their band Shire, which makes no sense. And they're the ones who had Don Dokken produce it. Seriously though, I had this record back in 1984 and remember liking it, but I don't think I full appreciated it at the time. Not that its some kind of lost hair metal masterpiece or anything like that. Far from it. But it is a nice little EP with some catchy tracks including "Do You Know What Its Like?", which probably would've been a hit had Dokken himself recorded it. Plus they look like Girl meets The Babys, which I'll never have a problem with.

Track Listing:
Do You Know What Its Like?
All Alone
By My Side No More
Thinking of You
Hold On