Wednesday, June 24, 2009

SIN - On the Run With No One Following...

As far as I'm concerned, SIN don't get nearly the respect they deserve. Among all the terrible Hollywood bands who couldn't play, SIN were our version of Angel. I hear you screaming "What about White Sister?", to which I reply...they were Giuffria, not Angel. Big Difference. Anyways, SIN released one single in 1983, this beautiful shaped picture disc which should be worth a ton considering the 80's rock crap which passes for "rare" on Ebay these days. But sadly no one cares. Even though SIN had Rik Fox of Steeler fame and looked cool as hell, no one cared then either. It doesn't matter, as one day this record will have its due. After SIN burned out I'm pretty sure they morphed into the horribly-named Jag Wire. And guess what? No one cared.

"On the Run"
"Captured in Time"

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Razzle's "New Vibe Revolution" - The Fuse is LIT

Years before LIT tripped the light fantastic and became their own worst enemy, they were just a gang of long-haired southern california teens known as Razzle looking for a piece of the action. In 1993 they found it when they self-released a five song CD called "New Vibe Revolution" which I've no doubt got them laid a ton back then. All four members of LIT are present and accounted for here, from brothers A.J. and Jeremy "Allen" to rhythm section Kevin Baldes and "Big" Al Shellen. Then there is fifth member Chadd Anthony, who obviously quit before they became LIT. You think Chadd regrets that decision now? Maybe not now, but in the late 90's when "My Own Worst Enemy" played on MTV like it was on a loop? Yeah, I'm sure he put a gun in his mouth a few times, I just hope he didn't pull the trigger. Anyways, what we have here is a prime example of Hollywood's Sunset Strip scene, even though it came late in the day and grunge had already started to hammer the nails into hair metal's coffin. But "New Vibe Revolution" proves that as late as 1993, the party was still happening in Hollywood.

Track Listing:
I Ain't Your Pal
All American Boy
Summer Job
Jenny's Room
Close My Eyes