Thursday, April 30, 2009

Rozzi Lane - The Original Big Bang Babiez

What can be said about Rozzi Lane that hasn't been said a hundred times over? Oh, that's right, nothing's been said about them since 1988 when they released the "Big Bang Babiez" single on their own cleverly-named Big Bang Records. I kid them, but only because I've always loved this record, which at the time was more "pop" than "metal", unlike many of their Sunset Strip contemporaries. And I can only imagine the shit they must've gotten looking like they did in their actual hometown of Upland, California. What else? Let's see. Guitarist Mikey Marquee later went on to play in a great LA band called Extra Fancy, featuring one Brian Grillo on vocals. Before Extra Fancy Grillo fronted Lock Up, who also featured a pre-RATM Tom Morello on guitar. Okay, now I'm just boring myself. Here's the single, "Betty Angel"/"Beauty's Only Skin Deep":