Sunday, January 10, 2010

Smack - Live in LA 1990 - 2 Shows

That's right, actual recordings of Smack's last stand in Hollywood - March 2nd, 1990 at the Green Door and March 30th, 1990 at the Meadowlark Country Club in Huntington Beach (?). I wasn't at either of these shows, I did see them around the same time at the Scream club in downtown LA, or whatever it was called by that time. I can't remember who gave me these either...I think a female friend of friend recorded them, and was nice enough to give me copies because something had happened to my recorder at the Scream show and I didn't get the recording. These tapes have just been digitized for the first time, and to my knowledge they may be the only recordings of the Smack LA shows. Audience recordings they may be, but I think you'll be pleasantly shocked and surprised at how good they sound. Then again, if you're reading this, you're just happy they exist and want me to stop rambling so you can download them, right? Fine. Smack ruled. RIP Claude. Long Live Smack.

Smack Live @ the Green Door

Smack Live @ the Meadowlark Country Club