Friday, March 5, 2010

Winter Kills - Further then Beachwood Sparks

1989 Demo Cover

1990 Demo Cover

Found these old demo tapes the other day at a friend's house and was immediately reminded how much I loved this band when they were around. Back in 1989 and '90, when the majority of bands in Hollywood were still trying to be the next Motley Crue, Poison, etc...Winter Kills were looking to bands like Lions & Ghosts for inspiration. The guitar player, Josh Schwartz, I believe went on to be in both Further and Beachwood Sparks. Unless its a different Josh Schwartz. The bigger question, looking back at the band photos now is, is singer Tom Sanford in some way related to Legs Diamond singer Rick Sanford ? You can't deny there is a resemblance. But who really cares about that other than me? I know, no one. On to the music...

Winter Kills 1989 Demo
Radio Suicide
Flowers in Hell
Rain's Curtain Call
Humor Me
Painting Pictures
Soul Mirror

Winter Kills 1990 Demo
Hate To Hate
Whisper Darling Blue
Cheerleader Sickness