Friday, August 28, 2009

Brooklyn Brats - They Lived to Rock

At least back in the mid-80's they did, when this five song picture disc was released. "No One Tells Me No" and "Wrong End of the Rainbow" still hold up after all these years. "We Live to Rock" not so much. "Can't Stand Your Love" and "Guess I Don't Mind" were filler back then and time hasn't done anything to change that fact. Still an important document of the time and place that was the Sunset Strip back in the 80's. Best part of the whole thing...their drummer's name was Dane Rage. I wonder if he went into gay porn after the band broke up, he already had the name for it.

Track List:
We Live to Rock
No One Tells Me No
Wrong End of the Rainbow
Can't Stand Your Love
Guess I Don't Mind


  1. That drummer, Dane Rage, was also the drummer in the original version of LONDON, which also had a bass player named Nikki Sixx. You must've heard of him.

  2. Ah yes, I remember London. And what about Vertigo? The band Nadir D'Priest was in before London, right?

  3. I can confirm that I did go into gay porn.
    Dane Rage

  4. FYI - check out guitarist Paul Hanson's Wikipedia entry and website at - dude's done a lot of stuff over the years!

  5. Dane Rage ie: Anonymous

    You remember me don't you? Afterall my name is on that Album. Hope all is well with you.
    Been trying to find you over the years.
    Would love to catch up.